There has since the 60s been thinking about creating a nature park in northern Zealand with Great Åmose, as a key area in this park. More managing authorities have published reports proposing a natural reserve or national park. Most recently applied for the establishment of a Regional Natural Park. The work is to be certified as Nature Park via Outdoor Council which has developed a labeling scheme for Danish Nature Parks.


Natural Park project is a geographical area of 8,000 hectares – mostly Natura 2000 sites.

Steering Group considers that Åmosen is suitable for the establishment of a nature reserve because of the area’s major cultural and natural heritage values​​. We have often used the term, that the diversity of interesting landscapes along the two major rivers are like pearls on a string. The steering committee recommendation made ​​in agreement between the representatives of landowners, municipalities, county, museums and voluntary organizations.

It is a desire to make the whole area more accessible to the general public still respects both nature conservation and landowners’ interests. All projects in the natural park established on a voluntary basis.
By Region Zealand’s development shows that the region wishes to contribute to the development of a system of regional nature parks in addition to the national parks. Nature parks must contribute to the visibility of the large attractive natural areas in the region and to develop them as visiting areas at the same time as that upholds nature and cultural environment.


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